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"Give, and it will be given to you:  good measure, pressed down, shaken together, and running over will be put into your bosom.  For with the same measure that you use, it will be measured back to you."  Luke 6:38

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Author: Bishop Leonard Kayiwa

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This Book Informs You Of  What You Can Become When Connected To Creator God. This Is a Gem, a Pearl of great value; a Must Read, Written Under a Very Strong Anointing, by One Of the Most Prolific Writers Of Our Time.  A Man Born In Africa And Now Reaching Nations With The Gospel Of Our Lord Jesus Christ.  One Of The Most Prolific Writers Of Our Time.


By Bishop Leonard Kayiwa

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One Of The Most Powerful Books Ever Written On The Subject Of The Holy Spirit, When  Reading This Book, It Is As If You Are In A Live Church Service With a Preacher Right In Front Of You; You Experience the Anointing And The Glorious Presence Of God.  This Book Is Extremely Powerful!!  Beloved, You Need To Know Who This Helper-The Holy Spirit, Is.  Thank God for Bishop Leonard Kayiwa's willingness To Write This Book.


Author: Bishop Leonard Kayiwa

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A Must Read  Book About Prayer, Full Of Testimonies And Sound Teachings This Book Will Bring You To a Place Of Great Exploits, It Is a Faith Booster.  This Is One Of The Best Scripts Ever Written Concerning The Truth - That God Answers Prayer.  Beloved, These Books Would Be An Excellent Gift To Your Loved Ones On Any Special Day!!!


Author: Bishop Leonard Kayiwa

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You Will Get Healed While Reading This Book! You Will Also Help Others To Receive Their Divine Healing.  It Is God's Will For You To Be In Good Health.  This Book Has Amazing Testimonies On Healing, And Revelation Knowledge On The Subject Of Healing.  Written By a Man Of God Who Flows In a Real Healing Anointing.


Author: Bishop Leonard Kayiwa

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Connect To The Supernatural Through Reading This Book; Amazing Teaching About Worship Backed With Real Time Miracles, In Africa, China, America, England And Australia.  Thousands Have Read This Book And They Thanked God That They Found It.

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Books Are Physically Available In All Of Our Worship Services At World Evangelism Healing Worship Center, 2507 W. 79th Street, Chicago, Illinois 60652  Every Sunday At 10:00A.M.,  Every Wednesday At 7:00P.M.   Every Friday At 7:00P.M.,  Every Saturday At 10:00A.M. And During The Prayer Service Every Tuesday At 7:00P.M.

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Get a Copy Of These Books, They Are Full Of Testimonies. We Will Also Have Numerous People Share Their Testimonies Here With You.

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The Thing About These Books Is The Beauty Of The Way We Administer Them To God's People, For We Always Remind You All Of The Principle Of Sowing And Reaping Found In Luke 6:38.  When You Sow a Seed of at least $30.00 We Can Send You A Copy Of The Book Of Your Choice, At Your Request.

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We Are Believing God To Obtain A Very Good Piece Of Real estate In The Great City Of Chicago That is Around  62nd Street And South Western Avenue, We Are Also Believing God To Put Us On Worldwide T.V. Networks So That The People Of God May Benefit From These Wonderful Resources.  

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(1) Is there such a thing as healing anointing?

(2) Does God speak to people today?

(3) What does it mean to be "Born Again"?

(4) What is "ministering to God?"

(5) Are there proofs of answered prayers in our generation

(6) What is greatness?

(7) Can a human being pray as well as speak a heavenly language called "tongues"?

(8) Is Hell real? 

(9) Does the blessing of the Lord give you good success - that is, it makes you rich and adds no sorrow to you?

(10) Why are people confused about the Trinity, when it seems to be as clear as day light in the Bible scriptures?

(11) Who is the Holy Spirit?

The Tragedy of Abortion: Pleading the Case of the Unborn

Approximately 59.6 million abortions are committed globally yearly.  Most of them happen in Latin America and the Caribbean.  China has had more than 300 million induced abortions, more than 70 million United States Americans haven been denied their right to live through abortion...This book is a blessing to all people, paving a way to reconsider any negative outlook concerning the innocent babies in their mother's womb.  It is a must  read for everybody.

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Our Passion Is To See You Blessed, Anointed, Healed, and Prosperous.  We Want You To Have Good Success, For This To Happen, You Have To Have God's Word In Your Life.  The Bible Says, in Psalms 119:130  "...The entrance of His Word brings light.'  And in Hosea 4:6, The Word Of God Declares '"My people are destroyed for lack  of knowledge..." Well, That Is Why You Have To Have Sound Doctrine.  God Ordered Me To Write These Books.  We Will Also Have A Lot Of Teachings Of The Word Of God, Presented On This Website.  Dr. Gail Kayiwa Will Be Reading The Holy Bible To All Of You Through This Website.

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Amazingly well presented video of Bishop Leonard Kayiwa and Pastor Gail Kayiwa at the Chicago beach in  the U.S.A.  The Bishop is sharing with you how to obtain the books that God ordered him to write, for your spiritual nourishment.  In case you need prayer, or have any questions, call 224-440-6992 or 773-750-3662.  You may also email us at:  Follow us also on Facebook:  Kayiwa Heavenly Bookstore.  You may also follow us at:  Bishop Leonard Kayiwa Facebook

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I am a Born-again, Spirit filled Believer.  I received Jesus Christ as my Personal Savior in 1982.

I received Jesus Christ as my Lord and Savior during my first year at Makarere University in Uganda.  I received the Baptism of the Holy Spirit with evidence of speaking in tongues while an engineering student at Hohai University, Nanjing, China and that happened in Hong Kong.  I am a born again Bishop/Pastor.


Here at World Evangelism Healing Worship Center, we are Bible centered believers who believe in sound teaching.  We are born-again and Spirit filled.

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We believe in soul winning and evangelism according to Matthew 28:18.  We love people and we love God.


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